Customers Testimonials

Back in 2015. I asked Simon Sung if he was interested in managing my property. He simply said " Interested? I'd be honored ". Two weeks later we had it rented and the rest is history. Over the next 5 years the property has never been vacant. Payments always on time, issues resolved in a very timely manner, and if you ever had any additional questions he is always available. We strongly recommend Simon Sung to manage your property knowing full well that whatever Simon says...Simon does!
Abby A
Chula Vista
Simon is a great property manager. He has managed my investment property in San Diego flawlessly. I can count on him to get the job done, especially when things don't work out as planned (i.e. repairs, tenant issues that are beyond his control). He is professional, honest, and personable. Checks always come in on time! On a personal note, Simon Sung is my big brother. I can tell you this. He has been faced with more hurdles that anyone that I know personally, but continues to shine. He is blessed and is a strong man of Christ. He will not let you down, and will put your needs over his.
William S
Fullerton, CA
A great experience! I was transferred to San Diego in 2016 after spending 20+ years in Virginia, and Simon made our renting experience superb! From initial contact in 2016 to the final departure in May 2018, Simon's attentiveness and response to requests was timely and expedient! Simon proved himself to be a very trustworthy professional whom I recommend without hesitation for all your real estate needs. Thank Simon for making our time in San Diego a pleasurable experience!
Mark L.
Aiea, HI
Simon is a great agent; extremely knowledgeable, pays attention to the details, and a fantastic guide through the real estate transaction process. I'd highly recommend him to anyone looking to list or buy real estate.
Garret P.
Chula Vista, CA
Simon is the to go to realtor! He has helped my family a lot. Weather you text, call or email he gets back same day. Very nice and family oriented so he knows and understand what needs to be done! I would recommend him to family and friends. Can't wait to for our next venture with him!
Celest P.
Chula Vista, CA
We are working with Simon on our condo rental and he delivered on every promise. He helped with hiring the right people to clean and rehab our condo. He rented it soon after. He is professional and is easy to communicate with. We are very happy with service and highly recommend Simon with your property management needs.
Kim K.
San Diego, CA
Simon sold me my first home back in 2006 and then went on manage it as a rental. Simon has always been very honest and reliable. If there was ever an issue with the rental, he had it handled promptly. He always had my best interest in mind and I now consider him family. Simon has since sold my condo and sold us our new home just a few weeks ago. Simon made sure we found the right home regardless of the time it took. I am eternally thankful for his integrity, patience and dedication.
Carmen G.
Chula Vista, CA
Simon was a superstar!!! Being in the military, I had reservations on renting our property. He met with my wife and I and made sure we were100% comfortable with the process before we committed to rent our property. We were informed during the renting process and knew what to expect from the start. Our home rented 1 week after it was listed on his webpage for the rent/deposit we were asking. If you are looking for a professional property manager that has your best interest at heart, then Simon is your guy!!!
David T.
San Diego, CA
Simon recently became my property manager and he was able to get my home placed on the market and rented within four weeks. Throughout this entire process, he was professional, courteous, and made sure to contact me promptly when I had questions about anything. I feel that my rental property is in good hands, and that Simon is committed to ensuring that he finds the best tenants to rent from me.
Phoenix, AZ
Simon has been managing my rental property since 2015. It was a smooth process from the start. He makes sure everything is handled promptly and efficiently. I have nothing but great things to say about Simon. I can rest assured that my rental property is in great hands. If you need a property manager look no further, I highly recommend Simon Sung.
Ryo H.
San Diego, CA
Simon rented out the unit for us quickly. He is responsive to our requests and efficiently manages our property. We appreciate and recommend Simon's service!
Elena Z.
Phoenix, AZ
We cannot thank Simon and his team anymore for what they've done as we transition from one city to the next to taking over as our property manager with about doing a great job with that then also signing on as a realtor in selling our house for top dollar we truly appreciate it.
Michael B.
El Cajon, CA
Simon has been managing my rental property since 2015. It was a smooth process from the start. He makes sure everything is handled promptly and efficiently. I have nothing but great things to say about Simon. I can rest assured that my rental property is in great hands. If you need a property manager look no further, I highly recommend Simon Sung.
Manuel G.
National City, CA
When Simon Sung took over as property manager of our investment property, we were instantly impressed at how efficiently he handles business. He helped to make the transition run smoothly from start to finish. In just a couple weeks after our previous tenants vacated the property which they left in pretty bad shape, Simon renovated the unit and found quality tenants to move in. Again, we're very impressed with Simon's work ethic. He does what he say's he's going to do and, he's personable, professional and easy to work with.
Gwen P.
Chula Vista, CA
My father and I purchased a property in San Diego and were referred to Simon by an old friend. Simon did not disappoint! We were in town for a week and he helped us view a number of homes, worked the listings and ultimately helped us get a great deal on a 1 bedroom apartment. We ended up renting the property for 2 years which Simon managed flawlessly. When it came time sell, Simon helped as again get a great offer! I would highly recommend Simon for his professionalism, knowledge of the market and negotiation skills. Don't hesitate to contact him for any of your real estate related needs!
Steve P.
San Francisco, CA
Simon has done an excellent job in managing my rental. So much easier than managing myself, which is why I selected a property management company. Simon has been the manager for about 5 years. I have not had any problems with tenants/management under his wing; in fact, the freedom in not having to deal with the management is a big relief!
Muriel K.
San Diego, CA
It all went really well This was my first time using Noble Real Estate Services. I have known Simon for about 20 years now, and that is why I chose to go with him. I had a few rentals that I wanted him to sell for me, and it all went really well. I was really happy with Simon. I appreciated his honestly and the fact that he just explained things how they are. Basically, (excuse my language) there's just no bullshit! when you are dealing with them!
San Diego, CA
Very Happy And Confident With Their Services! Noble Real Estate Services has an extremely high level of service. They are tremendously good about getting my check automatically deposited on time every time! There is never any hassle with a tenant. They quickly deal with any issues in a timely manner. I have recommended them to others, and am currently in the process of doing just that as I give this review! I am very happy and confident with their services and look forward to doing more business with them!
William S.
Los Angeles , CA
Convenient And Stress-Free Noble Real Estate Services provides a convenient and stress-free way look after my properties. They are very easy to work with. Everyone is always pleasant and they are good with communication. They take care of everything so I do not have to worry. I have not had any problems and will continue to use them in the future.
Ventura, CA
Very good!!!!! I am happy with the service.
Paul & Libby
San Diego, CA
I am pleased to have this company managed my property.:) Simón Sung is an excellent agent ! always available
San Diego, CA